Exquisite handmade jewellery designed by Elizabeth Shewan.

Each piece has a unique quality that boosts your inner nature.

♥ Infused with the energy of love ♥


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HareMania Collection

Hares are beautiful animals that capture the heart of many.  They have such elegant primal beauty they speak to us on a deep level - they help us to connect to our intuition, abundance and fertility, especially coupled with the moon.

Sunshine Collection

There's nothing better than a drop of Sunshine to Lift the Spirit.  I have started a delightful new collection of 24 Carat Gold droplets on hearts called 'You are my Sunshine'.  I also add the drops to leaves when I find one's I love... all to help you connect to the Light so that you can see your way through.

FingerPrint Collection

Unique designs made just for you ... choose the animal of your choice gazing up at the moon, hares and wolves are most popular. The moon will be your fingerprint! ♥ HOLD YOUR LOVED ONE CLOSE TO YOUR HEART ♥

SeaSide Collection

Each shell or ammonite fossil holds the symmetry of existence, and infinity so perfectly our unconscious knows it and responds accordingly… through continual change and evolution they have absorbed cosmic energy for eons so wearing them on your person will help to stimulate your life force (Chi) within and help to hold you on your life’s path, consequently boosting health, prosperity and success. But also the spiral acts as a filter drawing in detrimental energies and releasing them as refreshed, loving and positive energies in turn helping to increase stamina and vitality. They can be very uplifting and certainly help to inspire the heart... the reason behind everything I do!.

Totem Collection

I design these consciously, mostly using wild animals.  Not only are they beautiful designs, they are also useful for healing purposes and in turn they empower you, the wearer.  The energies of each piece work just as they do in their natural state - their energy merges with your energy field and impacts it depending on the animal spirit and/or stones used, helping to heal psychic and emotional stress offering balance and greater personal power to the wearer.

How to Buy

To order please buy via my shop.  I take payment via PayPal that also accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. I also take credit cards over the phone or via BACS.   If the item is in stock, I will post it to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).  If I do not have what you are after in stock please get in touch with me giving me as much detail as possible, and I will get back to you with turnaround times etc.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to give me a call to ask any questions you may have. You can also follow me on social media (Facebook being best because it’s the one I use the most!) and you can then stay up to date with what I’ve been working on and any exhibitions I have in the pipeline. I’m aware some of you are not into social media, so another sure way of keeping up to date is by signing up to my newsletter and you will get our news and what’s on that way.

Telephone: +00 44 (0)7803 208335
Email: [email protected] or via my contact page here.

ABOUT Lunar Treasures ...

Lunar Treasures is all about giving you that imperceptible something that cannot be fully explained … a touch of beauty to complement your spirit … that essence to boost your soul Illuminescence. Each piece holds a unique quality that boosts your inner nature.

All pieces are designed and personally handmade by me, jewellery designer and eclectic artist Elizabeth Shewan.  Using traditional silver and goldsmithing techniques I use fine silver, sterling silver, gold, copper, white bronze, precious stones, natural forms and drawings inspired by the natural world intuitively with each individual design.   I also sometimes encase a small selection of my paintings in resin with gold leaf pendants.  

My jewellery range are one-off pieces and limited edition collections for people who like to wear something different and distinctive.

Exhibitions and Online Store

I can be found out and about during the year at various shows and exhibitions - holding a solo exhibition every year in Lyme Regis at The Courtyard Gallery at The Mill showing my most recent jewellery designs alongside my art and photography.

You can find my most recent designs and an opportunity to request your own custom designs right here in my Online Shop.

You can find out what I am up to at my art website events page or you can contact me personally here to discuss your requirements.


Creating is what I do all the time and I love to create beautiful things - things that people love to look at, touch and feel. I love to walk in the countryside and often I do it slowly, looking and listening to all that is going on.   Everything that we surround ourselves literally infuses into our souls, so I like to focus on energies that can help bring out the best in us and inspire us.  I am particularly inspired by nature and all she holds - I believe she does this job well.

I am also aware of ecology and looking after our environment, so to this end as much as possible much of my work is made using Fine Silver (pure 99.9% silver) that has been reclaimed from computer circuit boards, photographic and x-ray supplies, designed in such a way that it has a minimal effect on the environment.

I also make bespoke jewellery to fit your requirements. So if you love my style and want me to make something completely personal to you then please do get in touch with me to request a quote - please give me as much detail as possible and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you run a gallery or shop and would like to stock my unique original jewellery pieces please get in touch or call me on +00 44 (0)7803 208335.

Elizabeth Shewan

Elizabeth Shewan

Artist / Creator

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