It is filled with great passion that I present to you the opening of my new exclusive venture Lunar Treasures.  Some of you will already know my other work, and others will never have heard of me… but if you like unusual, quirky, organic and beautiful pieces of jewellery then you are in the right place!  Everything that you find here is all personally handmade by me, lovingly in my little studio tucked away on the Devon/Dorset/Somerset borders, with the help of my trusty studio hound assistant.  I tinker away doing what I love and I think that this shows in the work that comes out of here.

Only a few weeks ago I launched my shop on Etsy and am so pleased to announce that I have made several sales already, many of them being commission pieces that I have been asked to make based on what they have seen there.  Instagram and Facebook have also had the same results.

Over the coming months (and years) I plan to post on here things like what is happening in the studio, why I support charities like the Hare Preservation Trust, how and why I became a jewellery designer, why I work with the mediums I have chosen, other contemporary jewellers I admire and why, clues to the subtle messages in my artwork and jewellery, how being in the business of making art affects my creations, how I receive and act on my inspirational ideas, why I call myself Liz as an artist and Elizabeth as a Jewellery Designer … to name just a few.  I do hope you find what I write here interesting and join in by interacting whenever you feel so inspired either here or on social media.

So bookmark this blog and come back for more!  I look forward to seeing you again 🙂


Facebook: @LunarTreasures
Instagram:  @lunartreasuresjewellery
Etsy: @LunarTreasuresShop

© Lunar Treasures, Jewellery Designer Elizabeth Shewan.

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