Silver FingerPrint Jewellery with a Twist

Unique Designs made Just For You

with a FINGERPRINT as the MOON!

♥  Keep your loved one close to your heart  ♥


Decide on an animal/design and size of pendant you’d like.
Anything from 3.5 x 1.5cms or bigger in any shape you choose.

Hares and Wolves are most popular! I can put whatever you want on the pendant so just say what you are looking for…


Contact me and we will discuss what you are looking for.
I will send you a FingerPrint Mould Package with instructions.


Send back your mould and I will start tinkering away in the studio! It can take 10-12 weeks to complete, including hallmarking.  It is possible to book an expedited service at an extra cost.

BTW, you can have your fingerprint inverted or made to round out like the moon, you choose.


I will send you your personalised pendant via Special Delivery.


And you can hop and skip with excitement!
Take pictures to send me with your feedback.


Commission fee is payable in advance.
Please see terms and conditions before purchase.

Any questions, just ask.

Get in Touch for a Quote

And we’ll discuss ideas.
Prices start from £99.00

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