Triple Ammonite Shell Silver Pendant


Ammonite fossil and shell silver pendant with lapis lazuli.

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Ammonite fossil and shell silver pendant with lapis lazuli.

Each fossil and shell holds the symmetry of existence, and infinity, so perfectly our unconscious knows it and responds accordingly…… and the Lapis Lazuli will protect you against psychic attacks, help you to quickly releases stress, in turn bringing deep peace. So this whole piece boosts your harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.

57mm long and 20mm wide at its deepest.

This design being one of a kind to © Lunar Treasures.  All items are individually and completely handmade by me personally to a very high standard, and each piece will have a very organic and unique feel to it … ie. there will be some slight imperfections, which add to their charm. If you are looking for a ‘factory finish’ then my jewellery is not for you.

If you reach this page and there is nothing in stock have no fear!  Please contact me via my contact page.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 70 x 40 x 10 mm


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